About us

GDLR (GEDLER) is a modern approach to the future of fashion, is high-quality Avant-street wear


Inspired by the street culture of hip hop, travel to an active life. We are positioning ourselves in between what's luxury and what is the street. Capturing the cultural diversity of the city and translate it into clothes. 


I like to create limited edition quantity, and I would have a set release date for each style, not having a defined season because guys want to wear stuff if its cool year long. 


GDLR started with a monochromatic color story, 

"simplicity is the safest place to hide extravagance."


The Creative director design because of his true passion for creating and making things, for translating art into fashion, 


"I've always had a vision of applying my creativity to multiples disciplines, photography, home while keeping my emphasis on fashion." 


"I love minimalism, love black and while and love clean, elevating the perspective of street, surf, skate aesthetics for a city lifestyle."